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End of the Summer Season 
Now is the best time to get your Tipis repaired so that they are ready for the 2023 wedding season ! 

Accidents happen. If you have damaged your Tipi skin and need a repair we can help. 

We pride ourselves on offering an honest and fairly priced Repairs Service that is completed inhouse. 

We ask that you clearly identify where the damage is on your canvas, your canvas is 100% dry before sending to us. If we open your Tipi and it is damp or wet there will be a drying charge added. 

Tie a cable tie with label, or tape to the D-ring (on the skirt) that is the closest to the damage before sending it to us.

If our team can not easily identify where the damage is, they will need to inspect the whole canvas.

Due to the size of the canvas, this Inspection Process often takes 2-3hrs to complete. Please try your best to flag where the damage is so we don’t have to do so. If you are personally delivering the item to us at our factory in Sunderland, you can always point out the damage to our seamstresses directly, which will save you the Inspection Fee.

We can not complete repairs on woodwork. If you have any woodwork that has been damaged then you will need to purchase a replacement. 

Repair Form
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How will we recieve your damaged goods ?

Thank you We will get back to you shortly

Please note repair turn around times will vary depending on the damage to your Tipi and your place in our queue try to get your Tipi skin sent in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

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