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Tipi Linking Sheets

Your Tipi linking kit is supplied with 

1 Large roof canvas

2 Side linking sheets 

follow the instructions on how to hang them and strap them correctly. 

Start with your Large roof canvas make sure the ground in your Tipi is clean and mud free before opening the sheet. Unfold the large roof sheet making sure the Black reinforcement strip faces the ground. This piece will sit on your top linking bar. 

a person either end of the roof sheet climb your step ladder and pull the roof sheet over the top linking bar stop pulling when the black reinforcement sits on top of the linking bar. Strap the roof sheet to the top linking bar with the built in straps (just strap loosely for now)


Black Reinforcement sits on top of Middle linking pole 


Placing Roof sheet 

Gap roof.jpg

Once you have pulled your roof sheet over the middle linking bar make sure you have an equal gap from the pearlins on both sides of the sheet. 


Roof Sheet External straps

in your strap kit you will have 10 external straps clipped together approx 3mtrs in length

clip 5 of them on each side of the roof sheet making sure you do not clip an external strap to the corner D rings 

once you have them clipped on you can now push the straps and sheet outside over the top of your side linking bars. This may take a few people 1 person inside feeding the straps and sheet over the linking bar and another person outside pulling the sheet and straps.

DO NOT peg the straps down yet as we need to fit the side linking sheets first. 

50 strap link roof.jpg


Side sheets

We are now going to fit the Tipi side sheets . Take the fabric out of the bag and place under your side linking bar. The top of the sheet is narrower than the bottom. 

Using black straps tie the side linking sheet to the side linking bar (bar should be @ 2.2mtrs from floor) make sure the sheet is equal on both sides. Make sure it is equal distance away from pearlins. 



Pegging side sheets 

Once you have the side sheets hanging up its time to peg them down. The best way to do this is start from the middle of the side sheet

Go outside of the Tipi take the middle of the side sheet find the D-ring pull it out until tight and peg down. 

going left or right (up to you) pull the next peg away and tight taking any wrinkles out of the sheet and peg do this for the rest of the sheet. 

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