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Disassembling Tipis

This step by step process will guide you on how to take your Tipis down safely. Always use a harness when working at height, safety equipment must be worn at all times to make you visible. Work boots must be worn at all times. 


Remove The Hood


This step is simply the reverse of fiting the hood (see fitting hood page)

Remove the 5 top woods

remove the Bung and black waterproofing 

remove the metal spikes 

unclip the hood ropes 

pull the hood off 

Release the main canvas

If it is a calm day start by taking the pegs out from the ground so that the Tipi is free from the ground. Leave a peg in each pole so that the Tipi doesn't get blown away. 

Undo all internal and external straps 

Take down the 2 side linking bars and middle linking bar aso that the 2 Tipis are now on their own. 


We will now remove the Tipi skin 

Raise the Ladder

Extend the long ladder to its working length. When in position the ladder should be at an angle of 4" up for every 1"out. 

place the ladder rungs between the 2 poles so that the rung sits on the poles this makes it secure.

Have the 3 remaining poles behind the ladder. 


stake the ladder at the bottom so the ladder cannot slip away


Send someone up the ladder to fit the Pulley wheel into the top of the crown 

The pulley wheel must be rotated so that the long arm faces towards the back of the canvas. 

The canvas must be spun until there is a toggle/ Bolt directly behind the ladder 

Take the Hauling rope through one of the Toggle loops or under the Tipi bolt then tie a figure 8 knot make sure it is tight and will not come away.

Once the pulley wheel is in place give the free end of the hauling rope to the person on the ground.

The ladder man will then call out ready when they do this the person on the ground will pull the rope at the same time the ladder man will push the canvas up and over the black pulley wheel to prevent it getting caught. 

The Tipi canvas will come over the black pulley wheel frame to the ground make sure you have carpets or plastic down on the ground so that the skin doesnt get dirty. 

Fold the Main canvas on the floor fold the Tipi in half then half again repeat until the canvas in in a sausage shape then roll from one one of the sausage keeping the canvas tight. 


After removing the Tipi canvas start taking out the pearlin bars. 



Take down Poles


Take the hauling rope up the ladder and feed the carabiner under and over the top of the bottom rung of the crown (same rung your harness is clipped onto). 

Wrap the Hauling rope around the Tipi pole just under the Rope section we recomend 3 loops for security. clip the carabiner back onto the hauling rope (see photos)

Once you have the Hauling rope clipped onto the main Tipi pole the person on the ground then takes the tension of the hauling rope so that when the pin and clip is removed the pole doesn't fall. 

The ladder man should now unclip and unpin the pole from the crown and help feed it out. The person on the ground will now hoist the pole down nice and controlled until on the floor. 

Choose Poles wisely 

Make sure you leave the 2 main poles the ladder is sitting on and 3 poles directly behind the ladder for security and make sure there is a stake behind each pole. 

The last pole the ladder man will clip on is the middle pole behind them, just clip the rope onto the pole remove the pin and clip but dont drop the pole yet. 

Ladder man then goes to the floor then haul the pole down this is the safest way to take this pole down this will leave you with 4 poles standing 2 opposite 2. 

5 pole on crown.jpg
crown top 5 poles.jpg
5 pole on crown.jpg

Step 5

Take down Remaining Poles

Lastly stake behind 2 of the poles on one side so that they cant slip back as you drop the Frame.

a person on each of the oppsite poles that have stakes in them pick up the poles but keep them low to the ground so if you need to drop them suddenly you can. 

Walk the poles backwards letting the crown come down they will get heavier and heavier as they drop to the floor 

let the crown come down to the ground then unclip 

5 pole on crown.jpg

Stake behind

Stake behind

Walk back

Walk back

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