We use a durable outdoor fabric for all of our Tipis. The fabric is highly water and weather resistant, moisture regulating and breathable. This makes it perfect during the heat of the Summer and cold of the Winter.  It is also stable and sun protective it is a visually stunning product that is also practical.

Made of a top-class blend of breathable cotton and synthetic fiber, it can be stretched tight against the poles.

In addition to these characteristics, the canvas is also flame retardant. The fabric is a very safe material, especially when a fire pit is lit inside. The edges of the Tipi canvas are reinforced with our 60cm tear-resistant skirt and provides a natural contrast to the main beige canvas then double bar tacked for strength when pegging the outside. 

All of our Tipis are sewn together by our expert Technicians in Sunderland, using advanced methods to ensure the canvas sheets are made to last and are extremely strong.

If you or your client accidentally damages the canvas(or any other elements of the Tipis), we have an in-house Repairs Service where we can assess the damage and give you an honest, quality remedy to the problem.


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