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Middle Panoramic Window

follow the instructions to fit a middle section panoramic window. The construction is very similar to an ordinary panoramic. They are very basic instructions if you get stuck please call us or facetime and we will talk you through it. 


Before fitting 

Put the brown panoramic frame together on the floor. Placing it in the middle of Tipi the linking kit 

Unstrap the linking section you are attaching the panoramic window to(this will just be one side of the Tipi no need to do the other side). Remove the side linking sheet from the Tipi and Drop the side linking bar down you are going to be moving this. 

Take the long side linking bar and place it under the pearlins of the 2 linking main poles make sure to double ratchet each side for safety (see picture below)


Attach side linking bar here on the joining poles


Frame and wood work 


stand the panoramic frame up. Placing it in the middle of the joining section and bring it in so it is in line or just behind the main poles make sure you have people holding this in place. 



Frame and wood work 

Now we are going to attach the lifting poles so that the frame can stand on its own. take the 3 long poles supplied 2 with spikes on the end 1 with a 90degree bracket. 

The 2 with spikes you are going to sit on the pearlins, One side will be in one Tipi the other in the second Tipi. The other end of the poles with the spikes are going to be sitting on the brown panoramic frame and through a D ring which will keep the Tipis tight 

Take a look at the photos for pole placement. 


Sitting on brown panoramic frame



Sitting on brown panoramic frame


D ring placement


you need to put the spikes through D rings that will keep the Tipi tight too close and the Tipis will not be tight enough making it flap in the wind. 

This is down to how the Tipis are sitting. the poles with spikes are best placed as close to the metal framework on the brown panoramic frame as possible but never sat on the metal ! 

Find the D ring closest so that the wood can sit on the brown frame and close to the metal work. Place the spike through the D ring.

One person should push this pole out taking all of the sag out of the Tipi skin wile another person ratchets that pole in place so that you dont loose any tension 

Now ratchet the other end of the pole toward the spike onto the panoramic frame to prevent it from moving. 

Now fit the middle Panoramic lifting bar this is the bar with the 90dgree bracket on the end. Place this into the bracket attached to the panoramic frame.




Lastly we are now going to fit the canvas. 

To tidy the large roof sheet fold it over the panoramic lifting bars and back on itself. and strap to the middle liffting bar.

Take the middle of the panoramic window and slide the kedder into the aluminium. The top is shaped for the frame and bottom flat. using black straps or screws and washers attach the top of the fabric to the brown panoramic frame. peg the bottom down. 

The side sheets also slide into the kedder one internal strap over the pearlin will keep it in place then peg the bottom down. 

Make sure all outside straps are tightened back up and extra straps are placed in the middle and sides of the panoramic window so that the skin is tight. 

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