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Strapping The Tipi 

This is the last step of linking the Tipis, it is also the most important !

- Recap -

You have decided which Tipi is the internal and which Tipi is the external 

You have placed your internal and external linking straps onto the Tipis and fastened them loosely 

You have placed your linking bars in the right place and secured them 


You have pulled your large roof joining sheet over the middle joining bar


you have hung your 2 side sheets to the 2 side linking bars 

The last step is to now place the side straps this will anchor the Tipis to the ground and finish the linking process

Follow the steps below.


Strapping The Tipi 

We supply extra straps with every kit they can be used as spares if you ever break or loose straps they can also be used as extra straps if you feel the Tipi needs them. (weather)

Starting on one side of the linking section or if there is a team of you do a side each 

There are enough external straps supplied to add a strap to every other D-ring on the side sections of the Tipis they go from approx 3mtrs - 200mm you are going to work your way down from longest to shortest. 

From the Top add a strap that will reach from the highest D-ring you can reach all the way to the floor and peg this down

(repeat on the opposite side and also on the other side of the Tipi so you are adding 4 straps)

Miss 1-2 D-rings and add another strap again long enough to reach the floor and again one opposite and two on the other side of the Tipi 

Take a look at the images to learn how to strap your Tipis down correctly 


starting from 3mtrs 

Down to 300mm 

Skirt Tipi 1

Skirt Tipi 2

Side Sheet


Long external straps

Criss Cross External straps

DOUBLE 3.jpg

Once you have all of your side Criss cross straps connected to your Tipi and pegged into the ground 

Pull the inner roof external straps tight (they are the ones you threw over the side linking bars and outside they now need to be pulled tight so that the black reinforcement on the top stays in the middle)

Go inside of the Tipi and pull all internal linking straps tight this will take all of the slack out of one of the Tipis 

Then go outside of the Tipi and pull all long (6mtr) external straps tight this will take the slack out of the external Tipi 

Then starting from the Top (highest) Criss cross strap start pulling them tight working your way down the side of the linking section pulling each strap tight this will tighten the Tipis up 

If you still have slack in the Tipis make sure you go around again tightening the internal and external straps 

Lastly to get the inner roof tight add internal straps to the D-rings wrap around pearlins and pull tight this will get any wrinkles out of the sheet

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