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Hi Hedley 

We have a few ideas for you to take a look at for your site. 

1.0 - Flooring 

We Strongly recommend letting us fit the Tipis on the grass without any flooring in place then your joiner can fit a floor around the Tipis. This gives us the freedom of moving and tweaking the Tipi position to get them just right without the worry of having to add more flooring. It also gives you the freedom of placing the floor exactly where it is needed. They can do this by either making square timber flooring panels linked together which can be taken up easily or Slaters Latts in rows with sheets of wood on top screwed to the Latts. 

This option also gives you the option of taking it up and storing it at the end of the season. 

We have done this on a few sites including castle town woodland weddings in Carlisle (see photos) and also Cocklea Wood Weddings in Wakefield. 


Flooring option 2

Another option we have for you is to fit Decking. This is more permanent we recommend that if you go this option you fit the decking well past the Tipis allowing your guests to stand on the decking and use it as a (veranda space ?????). This also allows us and you to add more items like catering tents etc. For 3 Tipis with window walls on the front, middle entrance, catering tent at the back/side we recommend the decking to be approx 35mtr x 15mtr (To be confirmed after site visit). Take a look at the photos below 


2.0 Setup

After speaking to you we have an understanding of how you want your venue to look. We recommend 3 Tipis in a line (slight offset) with a full window wall front of Tipi and the Entrance porch in the middle. Catering Tent on the rear of the Tipi with a linking kit walkway & double wood doors to keep the catering tent separate. Take a look at the setup we think would best suit your venue. If you would like anything different please let us know we can create anything you would like. 

three 2.png

2. Setup

Three Tipis in line 

4x Panoramic fronts

2X Glass filler panels

Mid Entrance porch double doors with Covered Walkway 

Catering tent 3x3/6x6? with Linking walkway double wood doors 


2. Setup

 This gives you a massive amount of space and light inside the Tipi and looks special from outside allowing your guests to enjoy the Tipi inside or outside. 

three 4.png
floor plan.png

3. Safety

The company we use for our safety is MUTA (best practice guide)

You had a query in regards to fire safety pleas see attached document. 

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