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Giant Tipi 

Our Tipis are made with the latest Waterproof, Fire Retardant fabrics & materials.


The unique design allows the Tipis sides to be raised and also to link with other Tipis with our Linking kits.  


Combine them with our accessories, including our Panoramic window kits or Wooden Doors for the ultimate event.

All of our canvas is stitched in the Northeast of England. 

Ultimate Flexibility 

Our Giant Tipis are the ultimate in flexibility. Fit it sides down in a normal Tipi shape or raise the sides to create a giant space or anything between the two. 

Offer your guests an experience like no other with a quirky alternative to marquees.

Using our linking Kits you can link your Tipis which allows you to create a space for any number of guests. Starting with two linked, your business can accommodate 80-120 guests. 


Capacity - up to 50 seated

Diameter - 10.3m
covered area - 83m2
Height - 7.4m


Linking Options

Weather linking two Giant Tipis or creating a much more complex structure we have the linking kit you need. 

The possible configurations when linking our Tipis are limitless. 


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