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Fitting The Hood

Step 1 

Take off The Pulley Wheel from the top of the Tipi you no longer need this 

Step 2

Place Hood over the crown so that wide part is at the bottom and the hole at the top fits over the Crown top hole. 


Step 3

Place black waterproofing over the top of the crown so that it sits on top of the Tipi Hood


Step 4

Place Metal spike section on top of the Black waterproofing pushing it down so that it traps the Hood and waterproofing down 


Step 5

 Place wood spike onto the metal spike each wood spike will have a hole drilled out 


Step 6

Lastly Clip 1 hood rope onto each D ring on the bottom of the hood then throw rope down the outside of the Tipi to the ground. Once the ladder is down you can peg the Hood down starting from the D ring inside working your way round making the Hood tighter and tighter. 

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