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Step 1 

Open Zip of the Tipi just past the Pearlin Height, Pull back the 2 Tipi doors so you have a good clear space to work. 


Step 2

Build the porch frame on the ground you will have 2 legs and 1 middle section. Make sure the foot on the bottom of each leg points outwards and the square wood frame is on the inside of the porch frame. 


Step 3

Once you have the main porch frame put together make sure the chock at the top of the frame is on the inside. This is what your doors will close up against. 


Step 4

Wrap a ratchet strap around the pearlin that is on your porch entrance way make sure the ratchet is not tight to the pearlin as the 3 porch poles will go into the loop. (pearlin above the zip)

Step 5

Once the Ratchet is on the pearlin take the 3 long porch poles keeping the bracket end of the pole to the outside of the Tipi. push the other end through the ratchet loop make sure there is plenty of play so that you can move the poles in and out freely.

Step 6

2 people outside of the Tipi pickup the wood porch frame and place it upright in line with the 2 main Tipi poles. 

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