Double Tipi

Linking Kit

If you own a venue and looking for more space our Double Tipi option is perfect. Or you want to start your own Tipi hire business look no further. This setup caters for up to 120 people.

All of our Tipis can be fitted with a panoramic window clear or blanked for more space and a beautiful view to the world outside.


In addition to the exceptional high quality, health and safety complaint materials we also provide full support when you need it. From build and installation training to spares and repairs service.




When erect


When packed

Sides Down

Sides Up


Seated: 120 at tables (6 to a table)

Diameter: 10.2m

Length: 20.4m

Covered area: 166 m2 

Height: 7.4m 

Diameter: 13m 

Length: 20.4m

Covered area: 264m2

Height: 7.4m

Bundle of poles: 8.2mlong +Lifting poles:2x8 M 1x3m 

Canvas and hardware: 1.2m  x 0.8m  x 0.8m x2

Linking sheets: 1m x 0.8m x 0.8m

Tipi Accessories

Add a whole host of extras to your Tipi package you will earn more from your jobs !

  • Panoramic Windows

  • Side lifters

  • Lifted entrance

  • Entrance porch with wood doors

  • Catering tents 

  • Fire Pits

  • Rustic Bars

  • Flower Rings

  • Dance Floors 

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Oasis Tipis Manufacture Tipis for businesses and events including outdoor venues, Wedding venues, Corporate functions, Bars, restaurants and much more.

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