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4 Tipi Setup

Double Bottom Double Top

Instead of having 4 Tipis in a line our most popular option is the Double Top Double Bottom setup with 2 Tipis in a line at the front then 2 Tipis in a line at the back. This works well as the space inside is massive ! If you need even more space why not add a panoramic window or blanking panel. With space for up to 240 people this really is the ultimate Tipi setup ! 


4 Tipis



When erect


When packed


Seated: 240 at tables (6 to a table)

Width: 20.4M 

Length:29 M

Height: 7.4m 

Bundle of poles: 8.25mlong + 4x Linking Bars

Canvas and hardware: 1.2m  x 0.8m  x 0.8m 

Side sheets

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Oasis Tipis Manufacture Tipis for businesses and events including outdoor venues, Wedding venues, Corporate functions, Bars, restaurants and much more.

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