Oasis Tipis

Giant Tipi

1 Single Giant Tipi can cater for up to 60 people. You can add a porch to one section, a panoramic window to another the possibilities are endless. If you need more space check out our linking options to create the ultimate Tipi setup for your business. We also have a huge range of accessories available to compliment your new Tipi and wow your Guests. 

Custom pieces can also be manufactured contact us to share your vision.



When erect


When packed


Sides Down

Sides Up

Standing: 80 people standing

Seated: 72 at tables (8 to a table)

Seated: 54 at tables (6 to a table)

Standing: 140 people standing

Seated: 128 at tables (8 to a table)

Seated: 96 at tables (6 to a table)

Diameter: 10.3m

Covered area: 83m2 

Height: 7.4m 

Diameter: 13m 

Covered area: 132m2

Height: 7.4m

Bundle of poles: 8.25mlong 

Canvas and hardware: 1.2m  x 0.8m  x 0.8m 

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